New template from ACM, please read carefully!

ACM has created a new template to be used in conjunction with the ACM e-Rights System and the ACM CCS 2012 Author Support Tool found in the ACM Digital Library.

ACM has developed a new webpage which contains the new proceedings templates and CC2012 guide. Please note that the ACM templates have considerably, the link below now provides you with an archive of the full catalogue of ACM templates.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Download and open the zipfile from:

  2. Install all fonts included in the ZIP file

  3. Open ACM_SigChi.docx for Full and Short papers or the SigCHI-a template for demos, work in progress, and OzCHI24.

  4. Remove the following contents: Page number, Headers & Footers, and for Short and Long papers only: remove the subtitle “Extended Abstract”

  5. Add CCS Concepts:

  6. Under ‘ACM Reference format:’ Add the following text in your document: Author names, Year, Paper title. In Proceedings of the 29th Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, November 2017 (OzCHI 2017), x pages.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience as this is a recent ACM change of policy that was communicated to us only a few days ago.

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