Workshops at OzCHI 2017

Digital Land Rights and Reconnecting Indigenous Communities

The workshop will focus on research and education to create new pathways to support Indigenous communities, developers, entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop and operate Indigenous-owned technology. We invite participants who are researching in the area or interested in learning more about technologies and Indigenous communities, and those who are educating students in the design and development domain. This will include academics, app developers and industry partners wanting to make a real difference for Indigenous Australians. We especially welcome submissions that employ Postcolonial Computing (PC) (Irani et al. 2010) and/or Participatory Design (Iversen et al. 2012) approaches in researching and developing technology for Indigenous wellbeing. Other areas of interest include: cultural protocols, impact sourcing, positive computing, knowledge sharing, and emerging technologies.

Digital Outreach: Designing Technologies for Diversity, Participation and Social Inclusion

Digital participation is fast becoming a core issue for researchers, designers, educators, industry and the government. Yet, academic research, industry practices and government policies still tend to focus predominantly on mainstream communities of highly urbanized settlements, often neglecting smaller cities, regional areas, suburbia and disadvantaged segments of society lacking digital literacy. Likewise, people from diverse and marginalised backgrounds, or who are socially excluded, such as people living with disability, the elderly, disadvantaged youth and women, people identifying as LGBTI, refugees and migrants, Indigenous people and others, are particularly vulnerable to digital under- participation. This workshop proposes to shift the discourse back into the discussion of: (a) design practices relevant to those communities; (b) identify shared challenges and opportunities; (c) uncover strategies for co- design with a wider range of demographics; and (d) devise a roadmap for a more inclusive research agenda around communities and technologies.

Co-Designing Technologies for Citizen Scientist Engagement & Saving Species

This full-day workshop will explore of how human computer interaction (HCI) design approaches can expand, diversify, and improve ways that members of the public engage with nature and science as citizen scientists. Activities during the workshop will enable members of the design and citizen science communities to network and generate ideas together. It is anticipated this workshop will result in a white paper discussing ideas generated.

Mixing Quantitative with Qualitative Methods. Current Practices in designing experiments, gathering data and analysis with mixed methods reporting (half-day)

In this workshop, we set up a discussion on opposing approaches to evaluation methods in order to elicit best practice scenarios. We ask what are the best practice methods being used in the OzCHI community to address the complexities inherent in applying triangulation processes? If you already work with or are considering, researching, or working with both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods (in academia or industry), join us in this workshop. In particular, we look at adding qualitative to qualitative methods to build a whole picture of user experience. We see a need to discuss both quantitative and qualitative research because there is often a perceived lack of understanding of the rigor involved in each. The workshop will result in a White Paper on the latest developments in this field, within Australia and comparative with international work. Participants are to submit a 2-4 page position paper in the extended abstracts format. We anticipate sharing submissions and workshop outcomes with the HCI community.

Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) & Designing for Animal Interaction (AXD) (half-day)

This workshop invites researchers and practitioners from HCI and related fields who work in some capacity with animals and who recognise the sentient nature of their being. We call for those who want to better understand how to work with animals and learn from them. We are a small team wanting to start an Australian chapter of the Animal Computer Interaction Community. If you spend time with animals or in nature (in academia and/or in the industry) or are interested in how technology design impacts on the natural world, or are considering, researching, or working in the emerging Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) area, join us by submitting a 2-4 page position paper in the extended abstract format. The workshop will elicit discussion, head up a new group and lead to a White Paper on the state of the art within this field in Australia, including comparative international studies.