OzCHI 2021

33rd Australian Conference on
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

The Doctoral Consortium offers PhD students the opportunity to present their research plans, and discuss them with peers and senior researchers in a supportive and constructive environment.

Call for participation

The Doctoral Consortium is a full-day event held on the 29th of November during Sydney Australian time. Two sessions: 9am – noon (to accommodate American timezones) and 2pm - 5pm (to accommodate European timezones).

To make the best of this experience, participants should indicate they have completed at least 6 months of their candidature. Students wishing to attend the consortium should submit a research proposal as detailed below. Acceptance into the Doctoral Consortium will be offered based on a review of the submitted proposals. There is no fee to attend the consortium. However, you must register for at least one day of the OzCHI conference. We will invite some of our keynote speakers as responders to provide feedback on your research plan, along with the Doctoral Consortium chairs.

Participants will be asked to prepare a short presentation for the session. As the 2021 DC Consortium will be on an online platform, the sessions will be interactive.

Submission Content

PLease include the following in your submission:

  • Working Title
  • Student name
  • Abstract
  • Supervisor(s)
  • Context/Background: What is the research about? What is its scope? Why is it important?
  • Prior Work: What do the experts in this field say about your area of research? What similar work has been conducted?
  • Gap and Research Question: What is the gap in prior work that needs addressing? What research question will your project answer?
  • Research Method: How do you propose to answer your question? Justify your method. How long will each stage take? (include timeline with dates)
  • Current Situation: How far have you progressed? (include summary of data/results if appropriate) What are your key concerns and obstacles at the moment?
  • Bio: Provided a brief biography, including names and affiliation of supervisors, PhD start date and date of expected completion.
  • Goals for the DC: What would you like to gain from this DC session? What problems do you want to discuss?

Submission Details

Template: DC submissions must follow the new ACM single column template.

For Word users

Use the Word Submission Template available on https://www.acm.org/publications/taps/word-template-workflow

If your paper gets accepted, download the Word Master Article Template, available for Windows and Mac on https://www.acm.org/publications/taps/word-template-workflow

Follow the instructions on this file to edit the style of your submission.

LaTeX Users

You can choose to download the template or use Overleaf:

Download the LaTex Master Article template available on https://www.acm.org/publications/taps/word-template-workflow

If you use Overleaf, you can find the Master template on https://www.overleaf.com/gallery/tagged/acm-official#.WOuOk2e1taQ

Ensure to use the “manuscript” style.

Formatting Details

  • Page length:Paper submissions should be up to 3 pages (excluding references).
  • Anonymisation: Submissions should not be anonymised.
  • Submission format: Single column format in PDF.
  • Online Submission: Via email to Benjamin Tag.

Important Dates

20 October 2021: Submission
30 November 2021: Notifications

Selection Process

Doctoral Consortium papers will be reviewed and selected for presentation at the conference by the Doctoral Consortium chairs.

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Ann Morrisson (Auckland University of Technology)
Benjamin Tag (The University of Melbourne)
Margot Brereton (Queensland University of Technology)
Tuck Wah Leong ( University of Technology Sydney)