A Year of Sharing Livecoding

Bernard Gray



Tidalcycles and Punctual livecoding languages collide in this semi-improvised performance, at the tail end of a year focussed on sharing knowledge vacuumed up during the covid lockdowns. There will be pieces from the sonification of musically inspired artworks from the Audio Visions Art exhibition at the Griffith Regional Art Gallery, heart pounding techno honed for the inFREQUENCY tour dance floors and exploring wherever the restless brain gets taken in the moment.


Bernard Gray is a regionally based livecoder, working predominantly in TidalCycles (audio) and Punctual (visuals). After 2 years of lockdown spent exploring, discovering and participating in the online world of livecoding, inc weekly jams with other coders from all over the world, he has committed 2022 to share that knowledge and interest with his community. DECODED workshops and performances exposed the practice of livecoding to the regional town of Griffith NSW, building on that came the inFREQUENCY tour moving slightly further afield to Yanco, and all the way down to Tanja NSW with a group of experimental artists, each sharing their process/toolsets and methods through workshops and performances. He is passionate about chewing gum, making knowledge accessible, easing barriers to entry and sharing ideas... and he's all out of gum.