HCI Supporting Food and Wine Futures: Fostering Community Resilience through Reflective Practice

Jeni Paay, Hilary Davis, Alex Munoz Rivas, Yvonne Rogers, Margot Brereton

Saturday 2 December, 9:00 am - 6 pm.

Call for Participation:

We invite interaction designers, HCI researchers, AI programmers, food and wine scientists and producers, historians, storytellers and user experience designers, as well as stakeholders (restaurateurs, winemakers) to participate in a workshop exploring HCI Supporting Food and Wine Futures. We are looking for between 15-25 participants, to share their research, interest or speculative narrative on the topic.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation by the organising committee, with acceptance based on a “1-page” position paper, in a form and media appropriate to the contribution, for example, text, images, sketches, illustrations, video or scenarios. Reviewing is based on quality, appropriateness and diversity of ideas that will contribute to the theme of the workshop. Before the workshop, participants are expected to create a 2-3 minute digital story using video or audio, delivered a week before. During the workshop, they will contribute to design brainstorming, bodystorming, ideating and envisioning sessions, at various venues during a one day bus tour to the Martinborough food and wine district. During the bus ride and at various producers venues, we will use these techniques and reflective practice to explore new ideas and opportunities for authentic AI to refine existing use of technology in wine and food production. In addition, we will explore opportunities for the design of new products, services and experiences within end-user areas of both industries. After the workshop, ideas will be evaluated and potentially be used to create a collaborative funding proposal aimed at funding opportunities for future resilience for the Australasian wine and food industries.

More information can be found at: https://jeni92.wixsite.com/hcifw

Register for this workshop by emailing Jeni Paay
submitting a 1-page position paper, as described above, by 17 November, 2023.

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