Designing Smart Over a Distance for Sustainable Communities: Reflecting on AI, the Metaverse, and the Role of HCI for Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals

Joel Fredericks, Hilary Davis, Callum Parker, Martin Tomitsch, Glenda Amayo Caldwell, Marcus Foth, Alexandra Crosby

Sunday 3 December, 9:30 am - 3.45 pm.

Call for Participation:

Discover the Future of Smart Cities: Join our workshop to explore innovative, inclusive, and sustainable solutions for urban, regional and rural challenges. This full-day workshop explores and develops the notion of designing smart, and embraces this year's OzCHI theme of “Design from a Distant World”. Our workshop will continue the debate on sustainable development goals across disciplinary boundaries within the field of HCI research, including interaction design, urban planning, architecture, environmental humanities, community development and others. The objective of our workshop is to bring academics, researchers and practitioners together to explore and debate new and trusted approaches for co-designing communities, cities, regional centres, services and experiences of the future.

Submission Process and Workshop Format

Submissions to this workshop will be in the form of an online registration questionnaire. Based on the responses and key themes identified, a series of activities and discussion points will be facilitated throughout the day. During the workshop, participants will contribute to small group discussions, as well as larger discussions and workshop activities. A key component of the workshop will be a design challenge to engage workshop participants in envisioning scenarios set in the future. This will allow participants to move beyond their day-to-day experiences, discuss situations that are relevant to their SDG focus, share stories and knowledge around sustainable development, and explore best practice principles about evolving HCI design approaches to address these challenges.

Complete the online registration questionnaire here

Topics of interest for this workshop include but are not limited to the following areas of HCI scholarship and inquiry:

  • HCI, interaction design, participatory design that explores political issues, such as designing for existential crises, institutioning, and re-politicising HCI
  • HCI for civic design, community activism, community engagement
  • HCI for smart engagement and smart city planning and design
  • HCI and post-anthropocentric design, post-humanist design, more-than-human futures
  • HCI and sustainability
  • Accessibility and inclusivity of future smart cities
  • HCI for behaviour change towards sustainable lifestyles
  • Human-centred design for SDG implementation
  • Human-centred mobility and transportation design
  • Ethical considerations in AI-driven smart cities
  • Empowering citizen participation through digital platforms
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications for urban planning and design
  • HCI and new economic paradigms such as circular economy, doughnut economics, degrowth, voluntary simplicity, prosperous decent, cooperativism
  • HCI for building stronger more resilient communities
  • Potential participants: For detailed information about the workshop, please visit our workshop website If you're interested in joining, you can directly register by sending an EOI and email to, and before 17 November, 2023.

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