Inclusive HCI: Developing Digital Technologies for Supporting Societal Inclusion of Disadvantaged Groups

Annika Reinersmann, Mario Heinz-Jakobs, Sahar Deppe, Selen Türkay, Gustavo Rovelo, Susan Hansen, Maurice Mulvenna, Debjani Roy, Jens Epe, Udo Gottschalk, Anja Große-Coosmann, Eckard Bicker, Carsten Röcker

Sunday 3 December, 9:00 am - 12.30 pm.

Call for Participation:

The emerging digital assistive technologies open entirely new opportunities of independent participation or social inclusion for persons with disabilities or otherwise disadvantaged groups. However, many barriers to its usability exist that prevent digital assistive technologies to work beneficially in terms of inclusion or participation. This workshop will provide the platform for practitioners and scientists to exchange their experiences on best practices, concepts and methods in developing truly inclusive, assistive technologies. We aim to create a lively ‘room’ for discussing and defining the interrelation of technical, practical and social factors of inclusive usability design of future (digital) assistive technology.

We welcome a broad range of interested applicants, including students, academics and professionals. Participants should be interested in empowering humans with new forms of human-computer interaction and shaping the next- generation of inclusive environments. We explicitly invite participants with different level of familiarity with the workshop topic. Prior experience in the field of inclusive HCI is helpful, but not required.

Taking the diversity of the intended audience into account, we invite a broad variety of submissions. Generally, workshop position paper should describe a topic or challenge that can contribute to workshop discussions, including for example

  • reports on ongoing or completed research projects,
  • results from empirical studies,
  • insights gained in case studies, or
  • a summary of personal experience.

Position papers should be written in the OzCHI conference template with a preferred length between 1 - 2 pages including references.

Register for this workshop by emailing and submitting a position paper, as described above, by 17 November 2023.

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