Long papers (15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A)
Short papers (7 minutes presentation + 3 minutes Q&A)


Paper Session 1a. Acting bodies

11.00am – 12.30pm

Claudia Núñez-Pacheco and Lian Loke. Aesthetic Resources for Technology-mediated Bodily Self-reflection: The Case of Eloquent Robes

Jinyi Wang, Oskar Juhlin and Eva-Carin Banka Johnson. Previsualization with Computer Animation (Previs): Communicating Research to Interaction Design Practice

Jessica Frawley and Laurel E. Dyson. Animal personas: acknowledging non-human stakeholders in designing for sustainable food systems

Jonas Fritsch, Morten Breinbjerg and Tue Starcke-Jensen. Designing Interactive Listening Situations

Paper Session 1b. Interfaces

11.00am – 12.30pm

Sara Bouzit, Denis Chêne and Gaelle Calvary. From Appearing to Disappearing Ephemeral Adaptation for Small Screens

Ben Lafreniere, Andrea Bunt and Michael Terry. Task-Centric Interfaces for Feature-Rich Software

Suzanne Kieffer, Nikolaos Batalas and Panos Markopoulos. Towards Task Analysis Tool Support

Junko Ichino, Mariko Onda, Shun'Ichi Tano, Tomonori Hashiyama and Mitsuru Iwata. User Interface Design combining a Logical and Physical Structure-based Approach

Paper Session 1c. Social Theory and Studies

11.00am – 12.30pm

Deborah Lupton. Self-tracking cultures: towards a sociology of personal informatics

Bjorn Nansen, Luke van Ryn, Frank Vetere, Toni Robertson, Margot Brereton and Paul Dourish. An Internet of Social Things

Dana Mckay and George Buchanan. On the other side from you: How library design facilitates and hinders group work

Graham Farrell, Viv Farrell, Robert Tipping and Clinton Woodward. From Collection to Courtroom: Perceptions and Realities of How the Data Flows.

Danny Ardianto. Understanding Social Media-Enabled Participation and Resilience in Urban Farming Communities

Aleksandr Kan, Bernd Ploderer and Martin Gibbs. Mixed Reality Stories: How Creative Writers Integrate Virtual and Physical Realities

Paper Session 2. Displays

1.30pm -3.00pm

Krzystof Pietroszek, Anastasia Kuzminykh, Wallace James and Edward Lank. Smartcasting: A Discount 3D Interaction Technique for Public Displays

Leena Ventä-Olkkonen, Panu Åkerman, Arto Puikkonen, Ashley Colley and Jonna Häkkilä. Touching the Ice – In-the-Wild Study of an Interactive Icewall

Xiao Yang and Martin Tomitsch. Designing Interactions with Pervasive Displays for Location-Based Storytelling

Wally Smith, Hannah Lewi, Dora Constantinidis and Helen Stitt. Directed Looking and Proximal Content: Two Concepts for Designing Mobile Guides to Historic Urban Places

David Poxon, Laurianne Sitbon, Ronald Shroeter and Peter Bruza. Large Scale Multiuser Digital Mind Mapping Tool: A Study in Usability

Arrian Purcell, Henry Gardner and Ben Swift. Visualising a Live Coding Arts Process

Paper Session 3a. Home and away and neighbours


Bjorn Nansen, Hilary Davis, Frank Vetere, Mikael Skov, Jeni Paay and Jesper Kjeldskov. Kitchen Kinesics: Situating Gestural Interaction within the Social Contexts of Family Cooking

Ann Light and Daniela Petrelli. The Rhythm of Christmas: Temporality, ICT Use and Design for the Idiosyncrasies of a Major Festival

Bronwyn Cumbo, Brent Jacobs, Tuck Wah Leong and Anne Marie Kanstrup. What motivates children to play outdoors? Potential applications for interactive digital tools

Rainer Wasinger, Hai He, Winyu Chinthammit, Christy Collis, Henry Duh and Judy Kay. The Importance of 'Neighbourhood' in Personalising Location-Based Services

Jon Pearce and Shanton Chang. Exploration without Keywords: The Bookfish Case

Greg Wadley, Adam Bumpus and Ray Green. Citizen involvement in the design of technology for climate change adaptation projects in the Pacific

Paper Session 3b. Physical-Virtual


James Dumesny and Martin Tomitsch. Reconciling Paper and Tablets: Interaction Mappings for Linking Physical Information with Digital Documents

Stefanie Zollmann, Raphael Grasset, Gerhard Reitmayr and Tobias Langlotz. The effect of image-based X-Ray visualisation techniques on spatial order understanding in Augmented Reality

Santiago Ortega-Avila, Jochen Huber, Janaka Nanayakkarawasam Peru Kandage, Anusha Withana, Piyum Fernando and Suranga Nanayakkara. SparKubes: Exploring the Interplay between Digital and Physical Spaces with Minimalistic Interfaces

Piyum Fernando, Roshan Lalintha Peiris and Suranga Nanayakkara. I-Draw:Towards a Freehand Drawing Assistant

Mark Brown, Winyu Chinthammit and Paddy Nixon. A Comparison of User Preferences for Tangible Objects vs Touch Buttons with a Map-based Tabletop Application

Simon Stannus, Wai-Tat Fu and Arko Lucieer. Natural 7DoF Input for 3D Navigation

Paper Session 3c. Learning and collaboration


Judy Kay, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Andrew Clayphan and Christopher Ackad. Multi-touch Technology in a Higher-Education Classroom: Lessons In-The-Wild

Leana Copeland and Tom Gedeon. Effect of Presentation on Reading Behaviour

Junko Ichino, Aura Pon, Ehud Sharlin, David Eagle and Sheelagh Carpendale. Vuzik: the Effect of Large Gesture Interaction on Children's Creative Musical Expression

Lyndsey Fisk, Marcus Carter, Behnaz Rostami Yeganeh, Frank Vetere and Bernd Ploderer. Implicit and Explicit Interactions in Video Mediated Collaboration