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Sustainable OZCHI

The OZCHI 2008 conference committee encourages responsible and caring interactions with the environment, with regard to both the local setting and the planet more broadly. We have a range of initiatives to minimise the environmental impact of the conference, and we encourage you to join in our efforts.

What We Do

  • Conference proceedings are issued on a reusable USB stick with a bamboo casing. This avoids wasting paper and electronic disposability. The bamboo tree grows rapidly and produces a very hard wood which means that the design is robust, wearable and, we think, resonant of a tropical OZCHI.
  • The conference bag is reusable and made of unbleached natural cotton (see Additionally, we opted for electronic versions of the conference bag contents wherever possible and practicable to further reduce waste.
  • We will donate used or returned conference bags to a local charity.
  • We have organised reusable coffee mugs (sponsored by Stamford Interactive) and drink bottles (sponsored by NAB) that you can use to refill from water fountains at JCU.
  • We have spoken with the JCU catering team to ensure reusable cutlery and plates as well as local produce are used and preferred wherever possible and practicable.
  • We pass on your pre-loved digital devices to HCI researchers working with the digitally disenfranchised in developing regions. See below for how you can help.

What You Can Do

  • Please return unwanted conference bags and contents to the registration desk.
  • Please reuse your hotel's bathroom towels by placing them on the rack. Only towels on the floor will be replaced by housekeeping.
  • Please listen to the presentations rather than replying to emails on your laptop ;-)
  • Please consider offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of your flight at
  • Remember to please put your donations of used digital devices into the collection caddy at the registration desk. See below for more information.

Donate Your Pre-loved Digital Devices

During the conference we will collect your donations of used devices and pass these on to HCI researchers working with the digitally disenfranchised in developing regions. These people are attending and can take the goods to their projects with them which obviates problems sometimes encountered in shipping goods or adding to toxic recycling stockpiles in some developing countries.

So, before you leave home please consider checking your cupboards, drawers and shelves for devices that can be re-purposed for less affluent contexts to contribute to off-setting our own electronic waste mountain. Devices must simply be in good working condition and less than 6 years old. We welcome any of the following:

  • Digital cameras
  • Cell phones
  • USB flash-sticks
  • SD cards
  • AA Battery re-chargers
  • Car cigarette lighter cell-phone chargers connectors

If you are involved in HCI research that would benefit from such donations, or have other suggestions please contact

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