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OZCHI is Australia’s leading forum for research and development in all areas of Human-Computer Interaction. OZCHI attracts an international community of practitioners, researchers, academics and students from a wide range of disciplines including user experience designers, information architects, software engineers, human factors experts, information systems analysts, and social scientists.

Previous OZCHI Conferences:

A brief history of CHISIG, by Roger Hall (CHISIG medalist)

CHISIG was formally established at an Ergonomics Society of Australia & NZ (as it was then) conference in November (29-30th) 1984 - I had just stood down as President and handed over to Michael Patkin and it was his brainchild (along with an RSI SIG called REPSIG). The actual meeting where the SIGs were formed was at the end of the conference so it must have been on the 30th Nov, 84 - Michael Patkin may be able to confirm the exact date.

CHISIG did not get really going until Gitte Lindgaard took control in about 1987 (maybe 86) and the first CHISIG Seminar (New Ways with WIMPS) was held in Melbourne in November 1988, which I attended.

In 1989 the first CHISIG conference was held 23-24 November at Monash Uni supported by Telstra Res Labs and at which I presented a paper - Ilana also attended. I have copies of both the Seminar & Conf proceedings. The 2nd CHISIG conference (1990) was also held in Melbourne and the Procs are clearly labelled as the 2nd conf. When Ilana and I took on setting up the Sydney arm of CHISIG in 1990 and organising the 3rd CHISIG conf in Sydney in 1991, we gave it the name OZCHI because the Poms did not like us calling it HCI 91 which is what they call theirs.

In 1997 Judy Hammond ran INTERACT 97 and it was also badged as the 97 CHISIG conference but the Proceedings were clearly and only labelled INTERACT 97. So 2009 will be 25 years of CHISIG and last year must have been 20 years of OZCHI, but it was the 21st OZCHI conference.

1987"Designing interfaces for the user: A multi-disciplinary approach" 1-day HCI workshop/seminar:

Four invited speakers in the morning An afternoon workshop:

Aspects of screen design
Monash University, Melbourne (Vic)27 November 1987N/A
1988“New ways with WIMPs”

1-day HCI workshop/seminar: Four invited speakers in the morning 2 afternoon workshops: "Designing projects for project teams" “Usability in user documentation”

Monash University, Melbourne (Vic)25 November 1988N/A
11989"HCI Australia"

The first annual CHISIG Conference (and increased to 2 days).

Melbourne (Vic)23-24 November 1989N/A
21990"Exploring HCI: Into the 90s"Melbourne (Vic)29-30 November 1990N/A
31991"OZCHI'91: People before technology"

The first time the Conference was called "OZCHI".

Sydney (NSW)28-29 November 19910-9595349-7-0
41992“OZCHI’92: Interface technology – Advancing human-computer communication"Gold Coast (Qld)26-27 November 19920-9595349-9-7
51993“OZCHI’93: Interfaces working for people"Canberra (ACT)25-26 November 19930-947170-05-7
61994“OZCHI’94: Harmony through working together"Melbourne (Vic)28 November - 1 December 19940-947070-05-7
71995“OZCHI’95: HCI – A light into the future"Wollongong (NSW)27-30 November 19950-86418-386-0
81996“OZCHI’96: Where it's happening"Hamilton (New Zealand)24-27 November 19960-8186-7525-X (paper)

0-8186-7527-6 (microfiche)

91997OZCHI and APCHI joined with the INTERACT97 Conference:

“Discovering new worlds of HCI” (INTERACT97, the sixth IFIP TC13 conference on Human-Computer Interaction)

Sydney (NSW)14-18 July 19970-412-80950-8
101998"OZCHI'98: Designing the future"Adelaide (SA)30 November - 4 December 19980-8186-9206-5 (paper)

0-8186-9208-1 (microfiche)

111999“OZCHI’99: Interfaces for the global community"Wagga Wagga (NSW)28-30 November 19991-86467-059-2
122000“OZCHI 2000: Interfacing reality in the new millennium”Sydney (NSW)4-8 December 2000?
132001“OZCHI 2001: Usability and usefulness for knowledge economies”Perth (WA)20-22 November 20010-7298-0504-2
142002“Design for the whole person.

Integrating physical, cognitive and social aspects”

Melbourne (VIC)25-27 November 20020-8559-0789-5
162004“OZCHI2004 - Supporting Community Interaction: Possibilities and Directions”Wollongong (NSW)22-24 November 20041741280796
172005“Citizens online: considerations for today and the future”Canberra (ACT)21-25 November 2005ACM - 1-59593-222-4
182006“Design: activities, artifacts and environments”Sydney20-24 November 2006ACM - 1-59593-545-2
192007“Entertaining user interfaces”Adelaide28-30 November 2007ACM - 978-1-59593-872-5
202008“Designing for Habitat & Habitus”Cairns8-12 December 2008ACM - 0-9803063-4-5
212009Design: Open 24/7Melbourne 23-27 November 2009ACM - 978-1-60558-854-4