The internet as metaphor for the Sea

Niamh McCool



The sea is a continuing theme throughout Niamh's work. This piece considers the metaphorical link between the internet and the sea, exploring how internet artefacts - images, songs, videos, etc- appear to us, washed ashore on the coasts of our phones and laptops pushed by the tides of algorithms. Using sound samples from the deep depths of the internet, dark places unpopulated by "likes" or "views", 'The internet as metaphor for the sea' honours these rare pearls of knowledge. The projected visuals of reflective tendrils sway and collide like waves. Building seascapes with Pure Data and rhythmic waves of Tidal Cycle code, this piece aims to pull the viewer into a synthesized aquatic world.


Niamh is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Ngunnal Country/Canberra. Art, whatever the form, has always been Niamh's way to make sense of the world. Niamh is all about accessibility of education, in particular anything related to tech and creativity. By day, Niamh works as a tutor at ANU, teaching creative computing to university and high school students; by night, she co-runs the DJ collective Vessel, organising workshops and events. She strongly believes in shifting computing to have care, empathy and culture at its core. Rumour has it that Niamh is about to launch her own label.