OzCHI 2022's theme is connected creativity. To emphasise this we have a Creativity track featuring works from community related to creative computing, games, interactive art, music and more. This year's creativity chair is Ben Swift.

The creativity track has two parts, both in-person: the gig (a live event on Thursday night Dec 1) and the room (an installation space which will be open throughout the conference). Submissions for each are curated and selected by the conference organisers.

Creativity submissions may be related to submissions in another track, or they may be standalone.

The Connected Creativity Algorave gig

On the way to our gig venue at Ainslie, you can grab some food with your friends/conference attendees with a variety of dinner options.

The gig (Algorave)

These days just about all electronic music is made using computers, but with artificial barriers between the people creating the software algorithms and the people making the music. Using systems built for creating algorithmic music and visuals, such as Pd/puredata, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Extempore, TidalCycles, Gibber, Sonic Pi, FoxDot, hydra, p5.js, Cyril and more, these barriers are broken down, and musicians are able to compose and work live with their music as algorithms. This has good and bad sides, but a different approach leads to interesting places.

This is no new idea, but Algoraves focus on humans making and dancing to music. Algorave musicians don’t pretend their software is being creative, they take responsibility for the music they make, shaping it using whatever means they have. More importantly the focus is not on what the musician is doing, but on the music, and people dancing to it. Algoraves embrace the alien sounds of raves from the past, and introduce alien, futuristic rhythms and beats made through strange, algorithm-aided processes. It’s up to the good people on the dancefloor to help the musicians make sense of this and do the real creative work in making a great party.

The details for the gig are:

Looking for dinner? Walk and get it on the way


The room

Some examples of HCI practice are better experienced than talked about on a bunch of PPT slides. (Honestly, is there anything that's not better experienced than talked about on a bunch of PPT slides?) If you've got an interactive system exploring sculpture, sound art, design, or any other embodied + situated setup that you can bring along and set up in a room for coference members to experience and enjoy, then we'd love to hear from you.