Livecoding in Extempore

Ushini Attanayake, Ben Swift



This livecoding set explores natural and synthetic sonic textures programmed in the Extempore livecoding environment.


Ushini Attanayake

Ushini Attanayake is a live coder, educator and PhD candidate in the School of Computing at the Australian National University. Her research interests lie in computing education, creative computing and co-creative agents. Her doctoral research involves developing a notion of proficiency within creative computing education while drawing on existing notions of proficiency in visuals arts, music and computing. Focussing on late secondary and early tertiary education, she will explore the efficacy of various approaches used to evaluate learning in creative computing. She is passionate about developing creative computing educational material, particularly for outreach programs aimed at delivering computing education to underrepresented demographics.

Her creative practices include live coding performances, which have lately been heavily influenced by classical Indian rhythmic structures. As a house dancer and music maker, she continues to look for ways to bridge these two interest through small projects involving wearable devices in her spare time.

Ben Swift

Dr. Ben Swift is an interdisciplinary scholar and artist-programmer with interests in computational art & music, cybernetics, AI/machine learning, data vis/data science and human-computer interaction. A unifying thread is the potential of liveness (human-in-the-loop interactivity with real-time feedback) in tools and workflows, especially in open-ended creative tasks.