An Augmented Reality Design Tool to Guide Furniture Arrangements at Home

Chuhan Qu, Leila Aflatoony

Session: Nature and the Home - Thursday 2022-12-01 13:30-15:00 AEDT
Late Breaking Work and Case Studies Track
Remote Presentation


Home is a place to live and an environment to support and enhance our psychological well-being. Factors such as furniture selection and arrangements can contribute to more harmonized and balanced home environments. Augmented reality (AR) tools have recently gained attention in home interior design due to their competencies and potential in improving and envisioning the experience of living at home. Following Feng Shui principles and iterative prototyping processes, we designed a high-fidelity AR prototype to guide users in making informed decisions about furniture arrangements at home. We then recruited nine participants to evaluate the tool’s usability and usefulness. We discuss our preliminary findings on the benefit of the Feng Shui-supported AR design tool for users. We hope this research inspires future development of AR tools with embedded design recommendations for guiding users in advancing their home environments.