Intelligent Systems in Elderly Care: The Caregivers perspective

Julia Hermann, Aiden Danny Mäder, Ann-Kathrin Kubullek, Celine-Chiara Hey, Aysegül Dogangün

Session: Tangibles and AI - Wednesday 2022-11-30 14:00-15:30 AEDT
Late Breaking Work and Case Studies Track
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The market for (intelligent) support systems for nursing of an increasingly aging population has grown rapidly in recent years. Nevertheless, only a few of these systems have found their way into the care of the elderly. An important point, in addition to the lack of refinancing structures in the health care system, is the reservations of those in need of care and those caring for them. With our study, we tried to get an insight into the everyday care work and to better understand the attitudes of caregivers towards the use of technology in elderly care, especially with a focus on artificial intelligence. In our paper, we present the results from a contextual inquiry, interviews, and a workshop for this purpose.