Cybernetic Lenses for Designing and Living in a Complex World

Josh Andres, Alex Zafiroglu, Katherine Daniell, Paul Wong, Mina Henein, Xuanying Zhu, Ben Sweeting, Michael Arnold, Delia Pembrey MacNamara, Ariella Helfgott

Tuesday 29, 9:30 am - 12 pm.

Call for Participation:

Cybernetics has an exciting history that profoundly influenced HCI theory and practice. However, today, designers, engineers, and researchers are often unaware of how to engage with this powerful approach to inform technology design.

We believe a cybernetic lens is vital to investigating and designing technologies for today's complex environments. In this hybrid, half-day workshop we offer an introduction to cybernetics using two case studies: "From mundane objects to systems - asking better questions for technology design", and "Transportation networks, from human-computer interaction to sociocultural consequences". Our goal is to offer an inclusive environment to provide theory about using cybernetic and practical exercises for participants to gain a cybernetics lens to incorporate into their practice.

Register to this workshop by emailing and submitting half a page, a drawing, schematics, or video about what you’d like to gain from this workshop and your interest in the topic - you will receive notification of acceptance by 25 November.