Empowering People in Human-Robot Collaboration: Bringing Together and Synthesising Perspectives

Stine S. Johansen, Hashini Senaratne, Alan Burden, David Howard, Glenda Caldwell, Jared Donovan, Andreas Duenser, Matthias Guertler, Melanie Mcgrath, Cecile Paris, Markus Rittenbruch, Jonathan Roberts

Tuesday 29, 1 - 5 pm.

Call for Participation:

The workshop will bring together academic researchers and industry practitioners representing multiple disciplines of Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics and Engineering, Design and Architecture, Ethics, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence. We will identify crucial future research directions for advancing HRC, and discuss emerging concepts and design decisions by incorporating these multidisciplinary perspectives.

We invite researchers with a common interest in shaping the next-generation of human-robot collaboration and empowering humans in human-robot teams to submit contributions in the following areas: Formation, maintenance, loss (and repair) of trust, user modeling, interaction design for HRC, multimodal analytics, intention recognition and visualisation, ethical HRC, data privacy, safety, socio-technical implications, and design of evaluation metrics. Contributions do not have to be multidisciplinary. The outcomes of these discussions will benefit the nascent Australian cobotics community pursuing research in the field of human-robot collaboration.

Potential participants: please go to the workshop website to submit your position papers to join the workshop

EOIs and position papers should include participants’ profile. An EOI should state participants’ interest in HRC. A position paper should include a description of a topic or challenge that can contribute to workshop discussions. At least one author of each accepted paper is required to register for the conference and to participate in the workshop. Selected EOIs and position papers will be publicly published on the workshop website.