Co-development is the next step – Participatory Design from First Nations Values

Cat Kutay, Tariq Zaman, Nic Bidwell, Eric Le Ferrand

Tuesday 29, 1-5 pm.

Call for Participation:

We are inviting you to contribute to a workshop on your experience in software development with First Nations community projects. This is to present at an OzCHIworkshop on November 29 online or at ANU, Canberra, from 1-5pm AEST as part of the conference

We are seeking contributions about your projects, around the core values set up by the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines: Spirit and Integrity, Cultural Continuity, Equity, Reciprocity, Respect and Responsibility.

The workshops will enable people working in HCI projects using various forms of Participatory Design to come together and share experience and contribute our most successful projects and workshops activities.

As organisers we will present our understanding of each principle, as a guideline for discussion, and the workshop activities will revolve around the six values. Then we will ask you to all present your ideas, followed by discussion.

The outcome of the workshop will be greater understanding between those in this field of the way to incorporate First Nations values in their work, but also greater respect for others in this field so we can support each other more. The low participation and small gains for bespoke technology is a reason to share our work more broadly.

We encourage you to join us, those who work in this space or are trying to enter this space either for their communities’ development or for the creativity and inspiration that comes from this work. Please provide a summary of your experience, a case study project outline or anything that you think will help others in this space.

Send your contribution to the workshop in the form of a short written, audio or video piece to by October 28 to be considered for the program

For more information visit the Gather.Town site on the structure of the workshop (more information coming on Gather.Town soon). Also you can contact us on Slack by joining A tutorial on Gather.Town will be provided here.

The sessions in Gather.Town will also be accessible directly on zoom and links will be available on slack for direct access. Please contact if you have issues with any site.