12 November 2013: The Tutorial Sessions have been cancelled. Please contact the tutorial contacts listed if interested in further information.

User Experience Research and Testing using URANUS
Speaker: Ashok Sivaji (MSc IT (Malaysia); BEng (Hons) (Australia)) MIMOS UX Lab, Senior Manager / Senior Staff Researcher
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How do you conduct UX studies? What are the fundamentals and theories that you need to follow? How to conduct UX studies in the cheapest and fastest way while maintaining solid data? Get UX tips and guidelines from the expert. Learn the proper theories and techniques. Learn to be a moderator for your UX studies instead of being a passive observer. Skilfully interpret user's feedback –verbal or otherwise – into usability issues and bug. Compiling user data from your studies can be laborious. Why don't you use the same automation tool that has been created and used to improve the UX for:
  • e-Government
  • e-Learning ( Mobile UX)
  • e-Commerce
  • Cloud Computing
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Human Resource and Training Information Systems
Ultimate Reliable and Native Usability System or URANUS is an open-sourced tool created by MIMOS UX Lab to cut down data compilation and reporting time by 90%. Typical UX studies with 40 users can take three days to compile. URANUS compiles and generates the report instantly. Proper UX studies component like demographics, post-task, and debriefing questions banks are integrated into the tool. The process of designing UX studies is reduced to minimum. If you are new, you can set a UX studies within minutes after installing URANUS.

Building and Evaluating HTML4/5 Games for Mobile Devices
Tutor Bio: Theodor Wyeld is a lecturer at Flinders University. He has an extensive publication record in games development and evaluation, and information visualisation more generally. He teaches Interaction Design, VFX and 3D Animation. He is the inventor of the patented ‘thereitis.com’ product.
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Overview: Playing mobile games is voluntary. Competition in the market place is fierce. Hence, usability is paramount to the success of a product. This can take a number of different forms. Typically, the minimum usability testing is ‘expert’ (or developer – internal participants) and ‘non-expert’ (or user – external participants). In this tutorial participants will build a HTML4/5 game for a mobile device and evaluate its usability in a 3 part cycle. Participants will learn how to prepare a specification document, design document and documentation for the evaluation cycling process, along with the final, refined, playable game for distribution.
Aims: The aims of this project are, how to:
  • communicate a games design concept to a production team through proper documentation
  • cycle a rigorous games design evaluation process with expert and non-expert users, and
  • publish the results of the game design as a final product.
Requirements: No prior knowledge of programming or scripting is necessary. Participants will need to provide their own mobile device (for testing) and a laptop (for building). No specific software is needed. An evaluation proforma will be provided for the user evaluation cycling. Example documentation and games will be provided.