Gitte Lindgaard Award: Best Long Paper

Since 2002, CHISIG has begun presenting the Gitte Lindgaard Award for the best long paper presented during OzCHI, CHISIG's Annual Conference.

Steve Howard Award: Best Long Paper by a Student

The CHISIG committee decided that a new award will be instituted from OzCHI 2014 onwards. The Steve Howard Award will be presented to the best long paper by a student. This award recognises the late Professor Steve Howard’s commitment to supporting and developing excellence in Higher Degree Research students. To be nominated, the first author of the long paper must be an enrolled student.

Note: Prior to 2014, the winner of the Gitte Lingaard Award could be a student. However, given the inauguration of the Steve Howard Award in 2014, only papers whereby the first author is not a student will qualify for the Gitte Lindgaard award.