Create your OzCHI 2016 CHIfish People Profile.

We will again be using CHIfish at OzCHI as a means for exploring and finding interesting papers and presentations. CHIfish is a web app that employs novel ideas of exploration to help you discover papers that suit your taste and then add them to your personal schedule for the conference. It also provides a novel way to explore the people who are attending OzCHI and make contact with them. See last year's OzCHI 2015 CHIfish.

To assist the CHIfish experience, attendees at OzCHI 2016 will be asked to give information about themselves at the end of the online registration process - please give freely. If you ran out of time during the registration process, please create your OzCHI 2016 CHIfish people profile here.

In November you will be able to access CHIfish 2016.

If you have any comments, requests or suggestions about CHIfish, please send them to Jon Pearce.