Student Design Challenge

To answer the emerging needs of Social Innovation, it becomes more important than ever to develop designers’ skills in the design of contemporary artefacts, products and services that engage with interactive, user-focused technologies and processes.

OzCHI Student Design Challenge aims to enhance your understanding of the unique relationship that exists between interactive activities, products and human behaviour. You’ll be challenged with a diverse range of interactive processes in a very limited timeframe.

The OZCHI 2016 student design challenge invites participation from student teams from around the world. Participants will have 24 hours to develop a solution for a given HCI research problem. The top three entries will be invited to present their work at the conference.

The Challenge:
Meaningful social innovation

“The Key to succeed this challenge is to develop a socially ‘meaningful’ application which can be seen as a good linkage between exciting technologies and the real needs of people.”

Technologies are evolving in almost daily basis; on the contrary, the usability and acceptability for people however often still needs improvement before we get the best benefits out of the new technologies. We want to turn emerging technologies into functionalities that can be widely accepted and used; and applications that deliver meaningful interactions for people. Especially interactive technology, ubiquitous computing, wireless networking, and recent re-emerging VR and AR technologies allow integration and augmentation of physical components with interactive functionalities through mobile devices. This could be seen from home appliances, e-Health devices, transportation systems, entertainment services etc. The application of such developments challenges next generation Interaction Designers.

We welcome participation from around the world, on a broad range of areas, including the application of advanced technologies, electronics and programming, physical and virtual interfaces, material and engineering fabrication. Participants will have 24 hours to develop a solution for a given HCI research problem.

How It Works:

Challenge Registration, Details, and Blog

For more information about the OzCHI24 Student Design Challenge click here.

Team registration is now open, to sign up click here.

And finally, the OzCHI24 blog will contain up-to-date information on the Challenge, along with tips, hints, and tutorials. To view it, please visit the Challenge website

Important Dates

Team Registration opens: 11 July, 2016

Registration extended until: 19 August, 2016

24 Hour Design Challenge begins: 10 AM AEST 20 August, 2016
24 Hour Design Challenge ends: 10AM AEST 21 August, 2016

Design Challenge Awards announcement: 23 September, 2016
Camera Ready for Design Challenge Papers: 17 October, 2016
At the conference: 29 November, 2016

Design Challenge Chair

Dr Stephen J. Wang, Monash University, Australia

Committee Members

Rui Wang, Deakin University

Jennyfer Taylor, Queensland University of Technology
Matthew D’Orazio, University of Tasmania

Hasan Ferdous, University of Melbourne

Romina Carrasco, Universty of Melbourne

Xinyi Yang, Monash University

Chulin Yang, Monash University

Yujie Zhu, Monash University

Email queries can be send to